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Season 3, Episode 6, Analou by Bob Cummins Jr. 

Here's a beautiful discussion about a beautiful song from a beautiful boy. We get into how a song that didn’t make the Shakewelle cut reappeared on Good American Songbook. Get to it! Side B of the podcast picks up…

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Season 3, Episode 3, You Were by Bob Cummins Jr. 

Bob's second single! Lots of talk about it all captured here! Wow! We're talking the very traditional way this song came together, the merits of YouTube sample, and why Bob had to be convinced to put this one on the…

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Season 2, Episode 8: Decade and Dark Energy by Berkley  

A double header! Those with the Pueblo LP get even more from this episode as we take a look at the interludes as well as the time warp(s) between the sound collage track Decade and the meta-album track Dark Energy.

Season 2, Episode 6: High School Tears by Berkley  

Learning about art schools late in life, losing close friends, and forming first bands — it's all here in this mid-season episode, folks! You’ll even hear some bad recordings of that first band from ol' Berkley. 

Season 2, Episode 5, California King Bed by Berkley 

Welcome to Pueblo! Maybe the most “about Pueblo” episode yet: talking about what it’s like to fall in love in town, thinking that you’ve found yourself, and, once again, local bands. TW: this episode discusses drug use and death.  

Season 2, Episode 4, Oldies by Berkley  

Join Berkley and his friends at the sock hop in this dive into vintage radio airchecks, memories that shake you but that you can’t shake, and the perils of making music your identity.

Season 2, Episode 3, Your Place by Berkley 

Take a drive around Pueblo, Colorado with Berkley and hang out in poet Juan J. Morales’s rec room as they explore driving around as a pastime, Juan’s musical legacy, and returning to sites of high emotional energy. TW: this episode

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Season 2, Episode 2, Email by Berkley  

Hear how a song about emails came together. We’re talking about how bands and relationships collapse under their own ambition and how Pueblo, Colorado has the right conditions for youngsters to experience both things.